Board Diversity

8x8’s Board of Directors greatly values diversity and believes in appointing and electing candidates who represent a diverse range of ethnicity, gender, race, skills and experience. They believe that an effective board is one that balances differences to ensure a comprehensive and well-informed perspective on leading the business.

Ensuring the Board is comprised of directors who bring diverse perspectives, experience and backgrounds to effectively represent the long-term interests of stockholders is a key priority of our Board. We added three new members since the beginning of fiscal 2019, taking steps toward enhancing the Board's breadth and depth of experience and diversity.

Diversity chart
Diversity chart

Employee Diversity

Diversity chart


8x8 launched our Diversity & Inclusion Leadership Council in September 2020, which prioritizes the following themes in connection with promoting diversity and inclusion at 8x8 globally:

  • Education and Training 
  • Celebrations and Events
  • Career Pathways and Diversity at the Leadership Level
  • Communication and Highlights of Diverse Employee Groups
  • Community Engagement beyond 8x8