Environment Policy

“When I started the service provider business at 8x8, I was driven by the goal of eliminating the headaches associated with managing and using legacy business telecommunications by abstracting this complexity into a simple software platform in the cloud. Having now deployed more than a million end users on our platform, I have also witnessed the environmental and productivity improvements that our solutions provide to our customers.

In the past, businesses would deploy a set of servers dedicated to their own business, and 8x8 is able to eliminate this costly waste of power and space by serving the communications needs of thousands of businesses from a single server instance in the cloud. We also ensure businesses run more efficiently by enabling them to communicate and collaborate globally using any Internet connection on the planet. Travel requirements are drastically reduced. Costly delays from the coordination and scheduling of teams are eliminated. And collaboration and decision making are enabled in a single click from any connected device around the globe.

8x8 is excited to contribute to the progress of how businesses communicate and collaborate in this new world, and will continue our history of innovation to improve the future of cloud communications for everyone.”

- Bryan Martin, Chief Technology Officer

Brayan Martin

Data Centers

Mehdi Salour

“Our data center usage is a combination of private and public cloud and we partner with major industry data center companies like Equinix, Amazon, Digital Realty and Oracle all of whom are committed to building and operating sustainable data centers that achieve high energy efficiency.All of our data center partners are also working towards a goal of 100% renewable energy.100% of our data is housed with our partners and by choosing responsible partners, we reduce our contributions to data center energy use, CO2 emissions and other harmful gases.”

– Mehdi Salour, Senior VP of Global Network and DevOps

Energy Usage

8x8 is committed to an annual environmental review of our global operations and will seek to reduce our impact on the environment.

We follow international guidelines to dispose of e-waste.

8x8 operates in an environmentally responsible manner by ensuring the safety and health of our employees, business partners, and the public. 8x8 created an Environmental Health and Safety Program that provides information and training for all 8x8 employees.

We are committed to recycling at all of our offices and utilize reusable plates, bowls and cutlery in our lunchrooms.

We promote environmental awareness and ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

electric vehicle

Some ways we are contributing to operating in an environmentally responsible manner:

  • Our new headquarters in California has energy reducing LED lighting throughout.
  • We replaced duplex power outlets with 21 ports/11 stations for electric vehicles.
  • We use zero gas at our California headquarters.
  • We have new HVAC units, Energy Star appliances, high performance windows and new insulation in our California headquarters.

In 2019, we saw significant improvements in our greenhouse gas emissions as a result of our strong recycling campaign. In addition to reducing emissions, we have recycled 270 tons of mixed-use material equivalent to 2411 cars taken off the road. The data in the charts below was collected from our San Jose headquarters building in California and does not reflect per person usage.

Due to our on-going energy conservation efforts, our energy usage in our San Jose headquarters has remained flat or decreased, even as our headcount has increased significantly between 2017 to 2019.

Electricity Usage (Monthly Averages)

  2020 2019 2018 2017
Location Creekside O'Nel O'Nel O'Nel
Total KWH 132,073.93 172,549.86 118,643.20 134,167.81
Daily Usage 4,600.09 5,672.83 4,218.63 4,367.49
Total Cost $35,808.38 $36,982.48 $26,244.04 $27,369.98

Gas Usage (Monthly Averages)

We eliminated gas with our new campus

  2020 2019 2018 2017
Therms 0 1,394 1,421 1,241
Daily Usage 0 46.08 46.54 39.70
Total Cost $0 $1,743.33 $1,641.64 $1,515.55

Water Usage (Monthly Averages)

  2020 2019 2018 2017
Location Campbell O'Nel O'Nel O'Nel
Total Gallons 5,921.67 80,223.00 102,226.67 82,093.00
Gals/Day 238.75 3,173.14 3,372.50 2,700.92
Days in billing cycle 42 31 30 32
Total Cost $355.98 $1,147.64 $1,093.99 $943.96